Our Mission

To be the business voice of the Italian Canadian community and a major business association in Canada by:

  • Providing leadership to all member Chapters and constituent members across the country on debates of national economic importance.
  • Supporting member Chapters on major economic, national ans local issues which will have a direct impact on constituent members.
  • Fostering an atmosphere of unity throughout the member chapters, focusing on the values which are important to the Federation and are a reflection of the love its constituent members have for Canada and the respect they have for their Italian heritage.
  • Encouraging all member Chapters, executive officers and board members to actively contribute to the pursuit and achievement of their common goals and to the growth of hte Federation at all levels.
  • Working closely with other key organizations and associations in the Italian Canadian community to uphold and protect the rights, interests and freedoms of all Canadians of Italian heritage.
  • Promoting the value of the Federation through the development and maintenance of strong ties with other business and professional groups across Canada and internationally.
  • Ensuring that the Federation is representative of hte Italian Canadian business and professional community across Canada.
  • Being a leading business and professional association in Canada, of which all constituent members and the Italian Canadian community in general can be proud.